Blue Anchor, Crowborough
Blue Anchor, Crowborough
Blue Anchor, Crowborough
Blue Anchor, Crowborough

Welcome to the Blue Anchor, Crowborough

Meet the team!

Amy – Landlady

Amy took over the Blue Anchor in spring 2018, she made improvements and changes to bring it to the successful business it is now. She brought a wealth of previous experience with her and support from her husband and family too.

She has worked in a few different pubs but wanted the chance to make her own stamp on the industry. She recently married her husband Jordan, you will regularly see him around and their very handsome dog Oban will always be there for a biscuit or begging you to throw him a ball!

Jessie – Deputy

She is a natural in the pub after having grown up in the pub industry, which lead to her having her own pub from the age of 21. She decided after 6 years that she wanted to take a back-seat and bring up her 2 children. This is when she met Amy in another local pub, and having developed a good working relationship – she came along with Amy when they opened in 2018.

Emma – Deputy

After almost 20 years in the catering business, and having moved around from Surrey to Dorset to sunny Spain, she settled in Crowborough. Having been at her previous pub for over 8 years she has now landed herself here at The Blue Anchor. It is close to home and her son’s school so was an easy choice. Having known and worked with Amy & Jordan for years it is nice to be back working together again, and still managing to stay friends!!

Tom – Assistant

Joining the Blue Anchor in Summer 2018 after finishing his Geography Degree he enjoyed all the fun that the pub had to offer. Having just completed his Masters in Building Surveying, Tom is wondering how much longer he can use higher education as an excuse to avoid adult life…

Charlotte – Bar/Waiting Staff

Charlotte is one of the original Blue Anchor crew members, joining us the summer before she headed off to Bristol Uni to complete her History Degree. She is now back for good so we will wait to see if the rest of the team can handle her in more than small doses!

Cat – Bar/Waiting Staff

Cat joined the team after often coming in as a customer, when not studying History & Politics at the University of Liverpool. Her ‘friendly’ manner and charm quickly secured her as a favourite among the staff and customer.

Izzy – Bar/Waiting Staff

Izzy joined us when she had just finished her GCSE’s and needed to keep busy during summer – and never really left! She kept coming back for shifts in between school and rehearsals. Now while away at Drama school, she is missing the sound of the food bell!




Back of House

Mark – Head Chef

Mark comes from a fine-dining background which enables him to bring his flare to our dishes. He is a man of few words and likes to be referred to as “Legend”!

Will – Sous Chef

Amy has worked with Will for years in past pubs, watching him progress from KP to Apprentice and since lockdown he has become our new Sous Chef. His passion for cooking and his commitment to learn is only outshined by his endless optimism and infectious sense of humour.

Will – KP

He doesn’t like to brag, but he has worked here since before Amy came along. He has been the KP that held the pub up since 2018. He is in his last year at 6th form and loves being part of such an amazing team in his part time job.

Dillon – KP

My name is Dillon. I’m an A level student and kitchen porter at the Blue Anchor. In my spare time I play the guitar (which I enjoy almost as much as I do washing up!)

Phoebe – Bar/Waiting Staff

After having spent time with her family here at The Blue Anchor before working here, she soon realised she would quite like to become part of the team. She always enjoyed the atmosphere and friendliness of the staff when being a customer, and luckily still does now!