Blue Anchor pub, team photo taken by Nick Williams

Meet the team

Front of house

Amy – Landlady

Amy took over the Blue Anchor in spring 2018, she made improvements and changes to bring it to the successful business it is now. She brought a wealth of previous experience with her and support from her husband and family too.

She has worked in a few different pubs but wanted the chance to make her own stamp on the industry. She recently married her husband Jordan, you will regularly see him around and their very handsome dog Oban will always be there for a biscuit or begging you to throw him a ball!

Erin - Assistant Manager

Erin started working for us while studying her A levels and has progressed now to our assistant manager. Erin is now one of the sassiest members of the team who loves to keep Amy on her toes. If she's not working with us or out partying hard I'm sure you will find her at the queue to where her heart lies... McDonalds.

Emma – Deputy

After almost 20 years in the catering business, and having moved around from Surrey to Dorset to sunny Spain, she settled in Crowborough. Having been at her previous pub for over 8 years she has now landed herself here at The Blue Anchor. It is close to home and her son’s school so was an easy choice. Having known and worked with Amy & Jordan for years it is nice to be back working together again, and still managing to stay friends!!

Chloe - Deputy

Chloe was thrown into the deep end while Amy was off on maternity and flourished as our deputy. Our fitness guru has travelled the world after working for British Airways as cabin crew but we now have her feet firmly back on the ground. Calm and collected our Chloe is unflappable. Her wealth of experience brings our bubble together and leads the team from strength to strength. If Chloe’s not busy running around the Blue Anchor you will find her non-stop on the slopes, a mud run or going to gym. 


Richard only joined our family recently in August, having experienced the great service at The Blue Anchor as a paying customer and couldn’t wait to work the other side of the bar! He primarily works for the airlines, however when his feet are on the ground and he is not flying the world at 35,000 feet, he will be here behind our bar or serving you at the table with a smile!


She started working with us in April 2021 and has very much enjoyed working with the rest of the team. She is currently studying at 6th form and is looking forward to starting an apprenticeship next year.


She is currently an A Level student studying Digital Media and Art at 6th Form, and has enjoyed working part time with us since December 2020. She is looking forward to going to university next year, whilst coming back over the weekends and holidays to work with the rest of the team.


The baby of the family our ‘Polly Pocket’; small but mighty lights up our day and keeps us and the kitchen on our toes and smiling.


Our caring Bethy is always smiling and settled into The Blue Anchor fold very quickly. If she’s not smashing our work competitions, you will find her on the Hockey pitch playing for Crowborough and Sussex. But please be warned our girl is a high achiever and has her black belt in karate


Our newest recruit, our theatrical Milly. Always in productions or auditioning for the stage. We’re already getting her to sign autographs prepping for when she hits the mainstream and forgets us. But in the meantime, we are lucky to have this ray of sunshine with us. 

Back of House


Will – Sous Chef

Amy has worked with Will for years in past pubs, watching him progress from KP to Apprentice and since lockdown he has become our new Sous Chef. His passion for cooking and his commitment to learn is only outshined by his endless optimism and infectious sense of humour.

Josh - KP

Josh’s smile lights up the kitchen and always brightens a busy day. He’s always on hand to try our new dishes, our human dustbin. If he’s not here working at The Blue or at school, you will find him playing for Crowborough rugby or working out. If it wasn’t for our Toby, we wouldn’t be so lucky to have him as part of our team.

Jack - KP

Jack is the youngest in the kitchen but wise beyond his years. He keeps us all in line and his passion and drive keeps us all in oar. 

Jay - Chef

Now where do we begin with Jay… enter the kitchen and it’s always all smiles and nothing is ever a problem… but be ready for the banter back too. Conscientious and his wealth of experience in riches our kitchen; There is never a dull moment when we are working with him.

Toby - KP

Our long standing Toby is one of the unsung hero’s of the kitchen. Rugby pro who plays for Crowborough, can also cook up a storm and is winning our kitchen porter cook off at present. He’s conscientious and hardworking and has recruited us some absolute treasures too!